In need of help on problems of life and future ?

Distressed with your life and in need of a radical change ?

In need of a new kick start to your life ?

Here is one of the best ways .Learn the art of vaasi yoga and see for yourself .

Take our challenge .Assured cure for all problems.

Need a life free of diseases and drugs ?

Need to lose or gain weight and attain states of perfect health?

Need to live in harmony with nature?

Need good relationships and solve your life problems?

Need someone to back you up in life ?

Need to enjoy eternal bliss and wisdom?

Need to find a meaning to your life?

Need to find why YOU ARE BORN on this earth ?


Join the art of vaasi yoga to find all the answers

The art of vaasi yoga dispels laziness that which is the root cause of all disorderliness and miseries in nature .


Foods to be avoided while practicing vaasi yoga in tamilnadu:

non-veg foods,eggs,mushrooms,paratha,chappathis,oily foods,artificial foods like noodles etc,..



Through the practice of vaasi yoga all the inner organs function optimally to bring about regulation in breath pattern in accordance with time of the day after which occurs the spiritual process of sensing “sulimunai”

Due to the fivefold impurities accumulated in one’s own body ,one is not able to respire optimally to meet his needs but after practicing vaasi yoga the amount of breath increases and its frequency decreases to match optimal levels .


According to the art of vaasi yoga and ancient concepts it is a must to be in married life to enjoy eternal bliss and happiness and also to sense nature as itself .


Get out of the influence of planets and attain SIDDHI through the art of vaasi yoga .Follow our valuable tips and yogic practices to attain the best of SIDDHI.Make the influence of planets friendly through this art .

For honey to be made it is a pre requisite for Queen bee,male bees and workers bees to exist .They have to work in co ordination for honey to be made.The QUEEN BEE is the most imprtant of them all .Thus one has to be in marital life to enjoy eternal bliss and wisdom.



Nature changes our breath pattern in accordance with the time of the day which can truly be sensed only through the art of vaasi yoga .The fivefold impurities(stools,urine,phlegm,sweat and flatus) accumulated through improper food intake changes this pattern and brings disharmony. Get rid of these impurities to sense the truth and attain wisdom through our art of vaasi yoga .


Owing to the fivefold impurities accumulated in one’s body various diseases result.The bodily exercises like jogging,cycling,swimming do generate more heat in the body which further increases the bodily temperature and poses a check to the formation of new cells in the human body which require low body temperatures for their synthesis and existence like sperm cells.

The result being infertility and thickening of skin etc,..also the heat accumulated thus sets off the balance in one’s own self .


Drugs taken for illnesses do off set the balance in one’s body and the result being a prisoner for varied kinds of illnesses as days progress .

Thus one dies without consciousness of self in a much afflicted body.Through the art of vaasi yoga one will be able to leave this body consciously and attain enlightenment with death.

Even doctors who are much knowledgeable about drugs do know that it is only “NATURE THAT HEALS AND DRUGS ONLY ASSIST “

Enjoy true ‘healing powers’ of nature through this art of vaasi yoga and healing powers as it should be and as god has destined for mankind .more importantly without the so called ‘side effects’.

We have healed from scars of ceaserean to the pain and agony of cancer .The list is endless and ours is a holistic approach

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